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You only need these tools for a Junk Journal!
03.31.2023 | easycraftart | Wax Sealing & Journals & Crafts

If you are excited to start your junk journal now, we are going to introduce some basic tools for you. The tools you need are pretty basic. Of course, some people want to create Junk Journals in vintage style, which requires a variety of small accessories, and small organs, may also need to do some sewing work, you will need more tools for that. Now, let's take a look at what you need.


Cutters: You'll need a good pair of scissors to cut papers or packages. But you can also add some cutting dies, corner cutters, and pen-style cutters to your collection.

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Glue: You will need some glue or adhesive to attach things to your journal. A glue stick or glue tape are both good options.

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Binding: There are a few different ways you can bind your journal together, depending on your preferences. You could use a simple stapler or hole punch and string, or you could invest in a binding machine or binding rings.


Writing/Painting tools: Don't forget to include tools for writing or painting, such as pens, brushes, and markers.

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Since you can create a Junk Journal in any way you want it to be, you might get a little overwhelmed. Just take your time, then see what you want to do.
Now, we have covered almost all you need to start a Junk Journal. It might look like a lot to consider but don't be afraid. If you want to get creative, all you need to do is to start.