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It's SUMMER TIME! A Journal Theme Only for Summer!
04.27.2023 | easycraftart | Wax Sealing & Journals & Crafts Bullet Journal Inspo

With temprature getting higher and higher, I'm feeling some summer vibe now. What's your favorite thing about summer? Today, we are going to show you how to use some summer themed washi tape to create a journal.


You can find some material books with your favorite memory or elements about summer on it and create a background. It will appear like a painting. This kind of material can save you a lot trounble and time if you are not good at painting.

If you are only looking to create a simple background to change the color of the papers, you can find some pure color washi tapes. This is almost too easy!

Now, with a few more simple decoration, a journal page is finished. Let us know what more you are interested in! 

And for people who are ready to create a journal page like this, we prepared a list of material you can check!

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