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Good Things Recommended For Crafts Journal Beginners
07.18.2023 | easycraftart | Easy Paper Craft Tutorial Wax Sealing & Journals & Crafts

Notebooks: Different inner pages can meet different writing and recording needs. The grid book records daily life, the blank book is suitable for random collage, and the weekly plan can use a special functional form book. If it is a loose-leaf book, the inner pages can be replaced at any time, which is really super convenient!

Washi Tapes: As a novice, it is not recommended to buy similar tapes in large quantities, because in most cases, these tapes with circular patterns are basically endless. It is recommended to buy some tapes for separate packaging, or a variety of tapes in boxes, which saves money and is convenient for storage, and the utilization rate is relatively high.

Stickers: It is recommended to buy sticker material packs. Do not buy multiple stickers with the same pattern. It is the same as washi tape. The sticker packs have rich patterns and strong choices, and you can make more diverse journals.

Scrapbooking papers: Scrapbooking paper is strongly recommended. Different paper collages will make the picture look good. The most important thing is that it is very cheap to buy the paper material package, and the usage rate in the hand account college is also very high, so you can buy it with confidence.

Stamps: In the early stage, it is suggested that the basic stamp is enough, and then slowly buy more stamps of different styles, which are mainly used to enrich some edge content of the journal page, so that the picture looks fuller and more authentic.

Pens: Ordinary water-based pens can be written directly on paper, and it will look more beautiful if you choose different colors according to different themes; marker pens are often used to punch cards to brighten or supplement the background color, enriching the picture of the journal; brush watercolor pens can add the saturation of the journals screen can create more diverse fonts and lines.

Tools: Corresponding tools are indispensable for making handbooks. Scissors, cutter knives, paper cutters, rulers, glue, tweezers, and so on are beneficial to journal-making.

Presumably after reading these good things recommended, you are eager to try, right? Let’s do it! I can't wait to see your work!