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Easy Box Card Tutorial
04.18.2023 | easycraftart | Wax Sealing & Journals & Crafts Easy Paper Craft Tutorial

Are you new at paper craft or just looking for some easy and fun inspiration? Then our paper craft blogs are perfect for you! This is our first blog about easy paper craft and we decided to start our journey with a gorgeous box card. 


You might want to know why we chose the box cards. Not just because they are actually really easy to create, they are also very functional. You can send it to someone with a gift, or use it as a desk decoration. You can also use the back of the box as a memo pad! Now, let's get start into it.


First, I will list the materials you will need during the process:

  1. Some material papers you like

  2. A scissor

  3. Glue: it can be a glue tape or a double sided tape

  4. Some cutting dies to create the elements

  5. A PVC paper

After preparing these materials, you can watch this videos now. It will show you the basic of creating a box card.